Our Clients

As in Iocor we are part of our customers, we feel they are also part of Iocor. Here are our most significant clients and brands who rely on our services, as well as comments and ratings on the quality of our services and the projects that were made ​​over time.

Estokada Fencing Equipment
Miloca / Bar & Terrazas
La Pasionaria / Antiques & Modernariato
Estudio de Danzas / Noemí Coelho y Rodolfo Olguín
RLD Amoblamientos
Clarín / Aristóbulo del Valle
PKS Traducciones Científicas
El Puente / Fútbol Club

Feedback from our customers

Some of the reviews and feedback from our customers:

"Excellent programmers. Project was completed well ahead of time. Communication was outstanding, I am always hesistent to award jobs to oversea's programmers due to language issues but Iocor speaks and writes better english than some of my coworker's who have a college degree!!" Damnrith / Glenview, United States / April 30, 2012.

"I will recommend Iocor for all their knowledge about PHP and other needs. Iocor listen clearly and give lots of advice, the best I've worked with." ContractDealers / London, United Kingdom / May 10, 2012.

"A pleasure to work with. Will definitely invite to other projects in the future!" David Cuniah / Grand Bay, Mauritius / May 11, 2012.